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What Startups Want in 2012

Computer Programming and Web Coding
From Andrew Bachman of
Programmers and coders are an entrepreneur’s best friend these days; they are the builders that can turn visionary ideas bred from wild minds into a reality. If my parents had any foresight, I would have been learning PHP and JAVA languages in middle school instead of Latin!

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15 Social Media Platforms to Invest in This Year

Seva Call
I was the angel for a company called Seva Call. It is a search tool that incorporates call back; if you are searching for a service, it will allow vendors to immediately call your phone with their price quotes. The revenue model will be on a PPC (pay per call), and I love the direct business to consumer aspect. -Andrew

13 Golden Rituals That Keep Entrepreneurs Sane

Lift Off the Frustration

“Lifting weights, especially heavy ones, has been something that I have come to rely on as an entrepreneur. The frustrating obstacles that we face every day while blazing new trails can add up. Personally I am driven by my own stress and anxiety, of which I have plenty. Sometimes the only thing that can relieve some of the pressure is a good ass whoopin’ at the gym!”
-Andrew Bachman,

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