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Ivanka Trump Denied Me

Self Confidence Analysis

Ok, so what can I say I’m a bit of a Townie. But my Boston Bruins are close to making it to the Stanely Cup, and I’m hoping for a Vancouver v Boston clash so I can have all my business partners from British Columbia come stay with me and hit the games.


I only believe in one take, and since I had a few glasses of Pinot last night I wanted to clarify my message. I often look back at myself through high school and college and think about how much better I could have been or what more I could have done with a simple injection of confidence. I used to think my physical strength and size held me back from success in sports or in social situations. What I now realize is that my mentality was the main obstacle holding me back from winning a state championship or being a successful entrepreneur or stock trader at age 14. If I could go back, what would I tell myself?


#1. Fear and Anxiety is bullshit, you have to find a way to fight and face it. Confidence is the emotion that will override any fear and anxiety. (When I was wrestling in highschool, and my opponent looked weak, I was confident, and would attack without regard. When I believed I was overmatched, I was timid and didn’t perform.  What exercises can we practice to attack when overmatched?)


#2. Stop making excuses. Success comes when effort is made, not excuses. If you know you are lacking the experience or education to succeed, those are the things you should be focused on. This is a cutthroat world and your personal attitude towards becoming successful should reflect that. (Yeah, its true, practice and hardwork make you more confident)


#3. Failure is not an option. You’ve only failed if you’ve given up, be resilient.

I have personally benefited from this kind of analysis.


When I first joined my business partner who was a successful internet marketer, i didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I remember going to my first trade show and the room started spinning when everyone around me spoke a lingo that sounded like Chinese to me. But confidence allowed me to relate to people and quickly build friendships which helped teach me the ropes. I knew I was in the right industry because everyone around me was my age, and appeared to be crushing it. It wasn’t like finance, real estate, or banking, the older generations simply did not exist. Knowing this gave me 100 percent assurance that I couldn’t fail, and working hard and learning lead to clarity. Eventually we sold that business for $60million.

Observing a Winner


Click Here to watch the speech I saw Sean deliver on Summit Series

It’s a 22 minute vid and I dont want to lose your attention.

However, there are a few key parts that I feel are beneficial to take a look at:

@4:20 he describes the difference between confidence and arrogance, good stuff
@7:50 is the story I referenced in my post
@15:00 he makes a room full of entrepreneurs get up and do some crazzzy s*&%

He’s got a ton of stuff out there on youtube if you look for him.